VeriSM Essentials


The fully accredited VeriSM Essentials course will give a basic understanding of service management, culture and organisational structure using the VeriSM model. The VeriSM Essentials certification is a stand alone course, but delegates can later take VeriSM Plus to become VeriSM Foundation certified.

Course Content

Course Content:

  • 13 easy to absorb lessons covering the service management basics in the digital age using the VeriSM model
  • Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes
  • Study duration: 7 hours

Lessons in this course:

  • Lesson 1: Organizational context and governance
  • Lesson 2: Digital transformation
  • Lesson 3: Service Culture
  • Lesson 4: Organizational structure
  • Lesson 5: Teams
  • Lesson 6: Service Provider Challenges
  • Lesson 7: Organizational change principles
  • Lesson 8: Introduction to the VeriSM model
  • Lesson 9: The VeriSM Model Part 1 Define
  • Lesson 10: The VeriSM Model Part 2 Produce
  • Lesson 11: The VeriSM Model Part 3 Provide
  • Lesson 12: The VeriSM Model Part 4 Respond
  • Lesson 13: Exam Preparation

Course Options

30 and 60 day courses are available


This course does not require any existing knowledge VeriSM.

Exam details

20 multiple choice questions, 30 minute duration with a 65% pass mark. Exam can be taken online with a web proctor (with EXIN). Candidates must have completed the VeriSM Essentials course before requesting their exam voucher.

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